Limited edition signed giclee print (edition of 10).  This is one of the rare drawings where I utilize a different color. Blue, in this case.  The blue is suggestive of a sky, ironically, in what appears to be a claustrophobic tunnel.  The implication of the sky is what gives rise to the title, a reference to The Allegory Of The Cave in Plato's work The Republic.  The barely perceptible shadows in the tunnel are forever doomed to viewing the world in mimetic reality as opposed to a True reality.  The formal elements in this drawing were similar to other drawings where I start with a simple vanishing point and draw horizontal and vertical lines (without using a ruler) to create the illusion of space.  In a way, the drawing itself, an illusion, is isomorphic to the drawings subject matter.  This piece was executed in three weeks or 250 hours.

The Allegory Of The Cave, 30" x 40" giclee print